Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy allows the body to reset and heal itself. It consists of a series of gently rolling, connective tissue moves that address the body as a whole, or target specific problem. It is non-invasive and can be performed while you are clothed. 

How Does Bowen Therapy Work?

Simply stated, Bowen Therapy allows the body to reset and heal itself. The work consists of a series of gently rolling, connective tissue moves. There are frequent important pauses between these moves which give the body time to benefit from each set. By combining moves, both in placement and in combination, the practitioner is able to address the body as a whole, or target a specific problem. A unique tool of the Bowen practitioner is ’tissue tension sense’, meaning that the practitioner is able to discern stress build-up in muscle groups and then utilise Bowen moves to release that stress.

Bowen therapy aims to balance and stimulate energy flows, frequently resulting in a deep sense of overall relaxation. The restorative process begins once the body is relaxed, and continues as the body allows. Healing seems to occur by affecting the body’s autonomic nervous system, which creates homeostasis at the cellular level.

Bowen is referred to as a ‘complimentary’ modality. This means it will enhance and complement – not interfere with – other medical attention. However, other manipulative therapies done immediately after a Bowen session can undermine the effectiveness of the continuing Bowen work.

The History of Bowen Therapy

Thomas A Bowen (1916-1982) developed his therapy in Geelong, Victoria Australia. The Bowen Therapy is unique in that it was developed without its originator having any previous training in any modality or discipline. In fact, he frequently stated that his work was simply ‘a gift from God’. Over a period of years he developed the system as it is used today.

Bowen was extremely busy in his clinic, as was verified by the 1975 Victorian Government inquiry into alternative health care professionals. The study documented Bowen treating some 13,000 patients per year as assessed over a 27 week period.

Because this Therapy is so effective, it has been widely embraced by a broad spectrum of people. Healing professionals are impressed by the capability of Bowen Treatment and the diversity of problems addressed by it. It was so successful that in 1992, the Rentsch’s implemented a Teacher Training Programme.

Bowen Therapy Is Holistic

Bowen Therapy may very well be one of the single most important tools we have to facilitate healing of the whole body. The moves bring about incredible results by penetrating to a deep cellular level, incorporating the body’s unique ability to heal itself.

With the release of toxins and old patterning, the moves begin to accomplish holistic balance almost immediately. Since Bowen addresses the body as a whole unit rather than just the presenting symptoms, it embraces the physical, chemical, emotional and mental aspects of each person receiving treatment.


The Bowen practitioner is merely a catalyst, setting the stimulus in motion for the body to heal itself. Because the human body is so amazing, self healing can be achieved with minimal outside influence. A Bowen treatment, whether to address a specific problem or maintain a healthy body, is the essence of simplicity.

Can Bowen Therapy Help Me?

Since we each have the ability to heal ourselves, Bowen Therapy is useful for everyone from newborn infants to the elderly. Although it is a powerful and dynamic tool for treating ailments and injuries, many people in good health enjoy regular treatments to maintain optimal body balance. Bowen Therapy makes a positive, healthy impact by providing more energy and an overall sense of well being. It differs from traditional Therapies in that Bowen Therapy utilises cross-fibre muscle manipulation which in turn, seems to create a deep sense of relaxation. It is also extremely effective as a remedial therapy for those overcoming sports and work-related injuries, accidents, and other ailments.

Bowen Therapy improves rehabilitation time, regardless of how old or recent the injury may be. Chronically ill patients can benefit as well as the disabled. For conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and ALS Bowen therapists refer for medical opinion if necessary.

Many people with such conditions have reported improvement in their health, together with a better quality of life after receiving a Bowen treatment.

What To Expect From A Session

Each session will last up to one hour. Sessions are usually performed through light clothing and are repeated every 5 – 10 days. After each of several Bowen ‘moves’, the practitioner will step away from the patient, even leaving the room, in order to allow the signals given to the body to take effect.

Problems addressed include:

* Allergies * Asthma / bronchial symptoms * Back problems * Bowel problems * Dizziness * Earache / ear infections * Frozen shoulder * Headaches – migraine, sinus * Hernia * Heartburn * Jaw problems * Kidney / bladder problems * Menstrual irregularities * Knee and hip restrictions * Pelvic problems * Prostate problems * RSI / OOS * Respiratory ailments * Sciatica * Sport & work related injuries *