Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine can be an extremely effective, healthy and safe means of medication, often giving more holistic results by facilitating root cause healing. The power of herbal remedies draws on the extreme complexity of nature’s design and how this relates to our bodies needs.

About Herbal Medicine

While the age of synthetic (pharmaceutical) medicine is only about 150 years old, herbal medicine has thousands of years of practical experience behind it – and recently an ever increasing body of scientific evidence. Often, herbs work much gentler on the body and recreate balance within the systems.

In some cases, we believe herbal medicine to be far superior to anything modern pharmaceuticals have to offer. Good examples for this are their ability to support our capacity to deal with stress or our ability to process environmental toxins.

Yet we also know and recognise the limitations of herbal medicine and don’t hesitate to refer you to a GP or specialist if we believe that your condition requires this. We are also specially trained to know the possible interaction between pharmaceutical and herbal drugs so that your safety is never at risk.

Make a natural choice for your health