Colonic Irrigation / Hydrotherapy

Also known as colonic irrigation or simply, colonics, Colonic Hydrotherapy is a safe, effective method of thoroughly cleansing the entire colon of accumulated wastes and toxins, without the use of drugs or harsh laxatives.

What is Colonic Irrigation?

Warm water is slowly infused into the colon bathing its entire length.  Gentle abdominal massage helps the water soften and dislodge hardened faecal residues, gas, mucus and toxic wastes that may have accumulated around the bowel and in bowel pockets over your lifetime.  The colons natural peristaltic action then moves the loosened material and water out through the waste tube directly to the drain.  Viewing tubes allow the practitioner to interpret indications of health problems.

The whole process is hygienic, odour free and painless.  You are fully covered at all times preserving your modesty and dignity.

Thoroughly cleansing the colon helps the other organs of elimination (skin, lungs, liver and kidneys) operate more effectively, enabling the whole body to detoxify.  The resulting improvement in the digestive system, including nutrient absorption, and the boost to the immune system tends to engender an overall sense of well-being and clarity.

Colonics play an integral part in achieving optimal vibrant health but must be combined with sound nutrition, exercise and a positive lifestyle to maintain the benefits.  During the sessions, we work with you on dietary and lifestyle improvements aimed at your specific health concerns.  


Why Colon Therapy?

Auto-intoxication or ‘self-poisoning’ from the colon has been recognised as a major underlying cause of disease for centuries.  Modern-day research has found that the colon is the number one repository for oxidative stress in the body; most of the free radicals are generated in the colon during the final stages of the digestive process.  Thus it is vital that the colon is kept healthy and is eliminating daily.

Most health conditions benefit from colon therapy, including headaches, migraine, bad breath or body odour, digestive problems, Candida, thrush, cystitis, allergies, irritable bowel, constipation, diarrhea parasites, skin problems (acne, boils, psoriasis, etc.) menstrual cycle problems, menopause, arthritis, mucus congestion problems, constant infections and fatigue etc..etc.

Repeated colonics can help regain normal bowel function by helping to restore muscle tone and encouraging normal movement.  Chronic constipation sufferers have found the therapy particularly helpful.

Colonics can enhance and speed up the effects of other healthcare programmes. 

When to have a colonic

There are three ways you can use colon therapy as part of your healthcare programme.

Short term:  as a quick fix to an urgent problem, e.g.  For severe constipation or as bowel prep for surgery or an examination such as colonoscopy, before and/after a barium enema.  As preparation for a major event, such as a wedding where a healthy glowing skin is wanted.  Some sports people use colonics as part of their preparation prior to a major event.

Seasonally: as an aid to maintaining and enhancing your immunity and general health through the year.  (Many therapists recommend having a colonic with the change of seasons).

Long Term:  as a powerful detox tool supporting your change to vital health?  (to help you overcome long-standing toxic accumulations from stress/ overeating/poor diet/alcohol/ drug abuse)
Colonics are most effective when done as a series close together.  The number you will need depends on your health history and your health objectives and will be individually assessed from information gathered during your first few visits.  As a guideline, we recommend 2-3 sessions three to seven days apart.

Replacing Good Bacteria

The bacteria in the average human digestive system comprise 400 species, outnumber the cells in the body by a factor of ten, and weigh up to 3 kg.  These bacteria synthesise vitamins, detoxify chemicals, produce nutrients to repair the gut lining, regulate immune function and prevent the overgrowth of pathogens.  The gut flora is truly the forgotten organ!
After your colon therapy, we supply you with a Probiotic with the strains most appropriate to your individual needs.  If you experience thrush we can give you a Probiotic implant.

Each session takes an hour.

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Q: Is it safe?
A: Yes, the water is introduced at a low gravitational pressure so there is no danger of bowel perforation. Colon hydrotherapy, unlike the use of laxative, is not habit forming. We use specialised stainless steel equipment which is disinfected using hospital approved disinfecting solutions. These solutions kill all viruses, bacteria and fungi so there is no risk of cross-infection.

Q: Are there any contra-indications?
A: Yes, you cannot have colon hydrotherapy in any of the following situations: 1) it is best to avoid in the first trimester and last month of pregnancy. 
2) When you suffer from uncontrolled high blood pressure (if the high blood pressure is controlled then it is okay to have the treatment),
3) If there is any acute bowel infections, (it is OK if these states are receding and/or in remission).

Q: Is there any special preparation?
A: Do not have any red meat or corn in the 24 hours prior. It is fine to eat a couple of hours before a treatment, but eat lightly.

Q: What will I feel during the treatment?
A: Warm filtered water is gently introduced – via a speculum – into the rectum and up into the colon where it soaks away and cleanses the unwanted material. The water stimulates peristalsis (i.e. the contraction of the colon) so the colon then pushes the water and matter out through the tube. You experience the peristalsis as a strong urge to go to the toilet. You do not have to push and you do not need to hold on, relax and the body will do the work for you.

Q: Can it be painful?
A: No, it is not painful. But there may be some discomfort. Especially people with IBS or candida may experience this. The therapist is however at any time able to release the water pressure to reduce discomfort immediately. A woman may compare this type of discomfort – if it does occur – to the contractions that come with the periodic cycle.

Q: How might I feel after the treatment?
A: How people feel after the treatment varies enormously. Some are ready to play for New Zealand, some would like to climb under the duvet for part of the day. You can feel a bit cold or shivery. Sometimes the treatment initiates emotional release as our feelings are often stored in the gut. You can then feel a bit vulnerable. After the first one or two treatments, it becomes easier and people often fit it in their lunchbreak.

Q: Will it make the bowel lazy?
A: No, it is an exercise for the bowel. Stimulation, contraction and relaxation will help tone and reshape the colon to aid incomplete elimination.

Q: I have my period. Should I come for my treatment?
A: If you have very strong period pains and you don’t feel well enough to come then try to avoid making your appointment during your period. But if it is not so bad, then it can actually be a very good time for a colonic as it will help release. So for most clients we say it is best to come even when you have your period.

A naturally pure way to purify